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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 10, 2010 2:49 am

We would like to provide a pleasant experience to all our members and would like to ask for your co-operation so we could all enjoy a great time here.

The following are forum rules which if broken may result in a warning or a possibility of a ban depending on severity.

1- NO SPAMMING. No one likes to see pointless posts flying around.

2- NO ADVERTISING. Unless with permission or you are part of our affiliates.

3- NO FLAMING. Provoking fights and hurting others feelings is strictly forbidden if done in public.

4- CENSOR YOUR PROFANITY. Because sometimes typing F*** just looks better. And some minors may not know it.

5- NO CHATBOX FLOODING. Your actions may very well be causing others a hard time reading previous chats.

6- NO PORNOGRAPHY. Explicit contents isn't something everyone enjoys. So please refrain yourself from doing so.

7- NO BEGGING ADMINS & MODS FOR SPECIAL RIGHTS. It will only be given to those who've earned it.

8- NO ACT OF DEFAMING THE INNOCENT. No one likes to get defamed when they didn't do anything wrong.

Short and simple. Remember, a party with an enemy around will never be fun. We're all bros and sis-s here. We love to party. Not fight.
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Forum Rules
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