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 Darters, A game for the brave

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PostSubject: Darters, A game for the brave   Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:24 pm


Dart boards
Plastic cups
Beer..... lots of it.
6 Players. (2 Teams of 3 members each)


This game is boring at first compared to other party games but it gets really fun (and a tad bit dangerous) as soon as someone gets high. If one of these days we have a party at my friends house, look at his couch, there're a few holes from the last time we played this and the dartboard was kinda far from the couch.


Win over the opponent and make them drink..... A lot.


Fill at least 60 small plastic cups 3/4 full with beer.

Start playing

Drinking Rules:

Losing teams will have to drink a certain number of cups depending on score difference.

<9 Points Difference = 5 cups per person
>10 Points Difference = 8 cups per person
>20 Points Difference = 15 Cups per person
>30 Points Difference = 18 Cups per person
>50 Points Difference = 20 Cups per person (at this point that extra 2 cups makes a load of difference Twisted Evil)

Skip or Dare Rule:

If a person does not want to drink, s/he can choose to Skip or Dare.
That person will need to get a bulls-eye on his/her first attempt. If s/he succeeds, s/he is allowed to skip the drinks.

Now comes the fun part.

IF S/HE FAILS! Winner team are allowed to dare him/her. This includes drinking double the amount of cups s/he was supposed to drink or drink for his/her teammates or any other dare that you could think of but I'm not gonna suggest much because it can get really really messed up.

Simple game that could really make or break anyone. Enjoy =D
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PostSubject: Re: Darters, A game for the brave   Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:49 pm

thanks for all of this.
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Darters, A game for the brave
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